The Obligatory ‘About Us’ Page

Hey, you found us on the World Wide Webosphere! You can learn a little about us here but we really want to know more about you so drop us a line and we’ll get together. If you’re engaged… congratulations! You’re definitely in the right place. If you’re looking for other kinds of photography (including real estate, commercial, automotive etc), let’s definitely talk. So here’s some stuff about us…


We heart love. What better job is there than photographing it?  Seriously!

I (Eddie) almost ran off to Hollywood to become a movie trailer editor. More glamorous, perhaps, but definitely not as rewarding.

We understand the responsibility of capturing your event, beauty, project, heart, business, family. As soon as we forget that, we don’t deserve to call ourselves photographers.

My bride’s name is Kellye (yep, two ‘e’s) and she’s amazing. She’s a critical part of Studio 512 and present on virtually every shoot. Some of us call her Tiny.

Charlie is our baby, but people with human children think he’s just a kitty. Our last name is pronounced “Buhorkiss” but feel free to just go with ‘The Bojos’.

I love peanut butter. It’s almost a sickness.

Little pains us more than hearing someone got a “great deal” on their wedding photography (even free) and are regretting it more with each passing year. We could really go without hearing from couples who wish they’d met us before they got married. Sigh.

We believe in moral objective truth.  I tell you because it directs our business and means we try to do what’s right regardless of how we ‘feel’.

The Bojos

We’re followers of Christ and love people of all philosophies, religions and walks of life. We believe we serve God by serving you well and vice versa.

Our friends often become our clients. Our clients often become our friends.

We believe family is important and marriage is sexy.

It’s annoying when people say “Go big or go home” or “At the end of the day…”, or misuse “literally”.  No, your head did not literally explode.

We believe the Big Bang necessarily requires a Big Banger.  (Ask us or learn more at STR.)

We’re major homebodies who love to travel.  I see the sunrise every day, but I am far from a morning person.  We love animals deeply and aren’t vegetarians.  We believe in investing in life’s simple pleasures but have expensive taste.  I would much rather communicate through images, but if you get me talking… you can’t shut me up.

I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else, except when my pants are on, I produce phenomenal images. Also…

I’m only a pretend egomaniac and quite humbled to have this job.

I’ve been a fanatic of exotic cars my whole life. The more “impractical”, the better. Have an amazing car? We’ll shoot it for you.

I’m no philosopher, but I know something to be true in my heart of hearts. Cheesy photography sucks.

Want the 4-1-1 on 5-1-2?  Well, it’s pronounced “Five Twelve” and the name picked us. Are you kidding?  We’d never choose a name like that!  Ask and we’ll fill you in.


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