Last-Minute Wedding Day Preparations

We’ve got a few tips for you that will help us hit the ground running when we show up on your wedding day. Not to give you more to do but… well, here we go:

Prep 3


• Get your makeup done in front of a window.

• Have your dress out of the bag on a nice hanger.

• Have jewelry and shoes together and anything else you’d like to make sure we shoot.

• Have groomsmen and bridesmaids keep messes confined so the backgrounds are less cluttered.

• It’s best to have all your rings together in one place – preferably with the girls.

• Have your florist deliver the bouquets to the girls and boutonnieres to the guys in time to photograph them.

• Let the bridesmaids know we’ll be getting their help clearing a nice spot for you to get in your dress.

• Prior to the wedding day, put on your dress completely (veil and accessories included) and time how long it takes.

• Have your hair and makeup done professionally and time how long it takes. Then give yourself an extra 20 minutes.

• Tell hair and makeup folks exactly what time you want to get in your dress and consider the start time of your bridal portraits a hard deadline.

• Let the guys know they can start getting ready before the photographer shows up, but waiting on the boutonnieres so we can shoot them being put on.

• It’s nice to have the bridesmaids ready first but it’s much more important – if necessary – to start on your bridals while the girls finish up.

• If there are wedding party gifts, have them opened, or just present, after we arrive.

• Bonus: Have your girls in matching robes or outfits before changing.

Prep 2