Preparing your Home for Real Estate Photography


Along with your realtor, our goal is to help get the most interest in your home.  But we need your help.  We’ve put together a  few secrets that will make your home more attractive to buyers (including when they show up in person):


The biggest bang for your buck is to check your lights and make sure they’re all working and controllable.  All of them.  Even if they’re on timer or sensor.  When we’re shooting exteriors during twilight, we’ll still have interior lights on as you can see…




1. If you have special aspects of your home that aren’t obvious please let us know.
2. Remove personal clutter: photos, tchotchkes, notes, magazines, lawn toys, papers on the refrigerator…
3. We love pets, but please keep them in the garage or out of sight.  Sorry, puppy!
4. Remove vehicles from driveways and from in front of the house (though some high-end cars may work well).
5. Move exterior garbage cans out of sight.
6. Remove all garden tools including hoses and sprinklers.
7. Mow and rake yard. A pile of leaves can sometimes look great.
8. Blow / sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.  Are we having fun yet?
9. Clear off counter tops in kitchen and bathroom areas. This includes the top of the refrigerator.
10. Check that any water features are in working order.
11. De-furnish rooms which may be excessively furnished.
12. Make all beds and tidy bedrooms. Plain, neutral sheets work best. Clothes should be put away.
13. Flowers and bowls of fruit can be a nice touch.  Yum.
14. Tuck trash cans and pet food dishes out of view.
15. Hide or let us know if your home contains valuable items you’d like us to avoid in any of the photographs.
16. Where reasonable, remove rugs and mats to show off floors.
17. Hide as many power cords as possible (without removing lighting.)
18. Double-check that blinds, shades, and shutters can be opened or closed as needed.
19. Have any fireplace, fire pits, gas lamps or other fire features ready to run.  Hard to get more inviting than that!
20. Clean swimming pool and remove distracting items – including the vacuum hose.

If you’re going for the gold, here are a couple that’ll earn you major bonus points:
• Wet the driveway with a hose right before we step outside to shoot it
• Remove screens from the windows (which can also look better in person)

Whew!  We understand that’s a ton to try to get done… but if you think of every checked box as money in the bank, you’ll probably find yourself whistling while you work.

Here’s a look at the end result: